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17) a. How often can E. coli divide? (1 point) b. How many bacterial cells give rise to a single colony? (1 point) c. Can E. coli swim in liquid culture? On a plate? (2 points) 18) In what 2 ways did we measure the density of bacterial cells in a culture? (4 points) 19) To get a plate with 100 colonies on it, how much must you dilute a bacterial culture with an O.D of 0.15? Assume that you plate 0.1 ml, and that O.D.500- 0.5 when there are 2 x 108 bacteria/ml. (2 points) $00 20) Describe how you would carry out a dilution of 4 x 10 fold on a bacterial culture, using a total of no more than 50 ml dilution medium and never pipetting less than 100 ul (0.1 ml) at any step. (3 points)
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