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Help. its either nominal,ordinal or quantitative

Determine whether the following possible responses should be classified as quantitative, nominal or ordinal data. Quantitative 1. Which of the following features of the hotel in New York did you find most attractive: location, facilities, room size, or price? Nominal Nominal Ordinal Ordinal Ordinal 2. Amount of time you spend per week on your homework 3. Do you feel that the stay in New York was sufficiently long? 4. Lilys travel time from her dorm to the student union at the University of Virginia 5. What grade did you receive in Statistics last semester; A, B, C, D, or F? 6. The status of your Statistics professor; Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor 7. Whether you are a US citizen Nominal Quantitative 8. How many escorted vacations have your taken prior to this one? Quantitative 9. Heidis favorite brand of tennis balls Ordinal 10. Number of cars in a parking lot 411. What is your political party affiliation? Nominal12. Your marital status

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