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Question 3 (6pt): In the array as shown in figure 3, both antennas are the dipole antennas of the same length, I = 0.15 m. The operating frequency is 15 MHz and the surrounding medium is air. The time-average power radiated by each dipole is 100 W d/2 Figure 3 a. Calculate the magnitude of the current that drives each dipole. b. If two dipoles are driven in phase and the distance between them is 10 m. Sketch the radiation pattern in x-z plane and find the directivity, beamwidth of this array c. Assume that both dipoles (1) and (2) are driven by the currents l 10e (A) and 12 10A, respectively. Calculate the distance d between two dipoles for the far-field to have a null along the negative x-axis.
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