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Help me please!
OBLEM SOLVING: Solve what is /are required in each problem below. (10 points/problem ) 1. A 36 in. driving pulley and a 48 in. driven pulley are arranged in 10 ft. centers. The output of the driven shaft is 150 hp. For a belt speed of 4 200 fpm, coefficient of friction of 0.3, a slip of 1.5% at each pulley, and a 5% friction loss at each shaft, determine: a) The rpm of each shaft b) The required shaft sizes for an allowable stress of 8 ksi c) The over-all efficiency of transmission The plunger of an oil pump is held against an operating cam by a spring made of no. 10 w & gage steel wire coiled with an outside diameter of 7/8 in. There are 5 active coils. The open leng is 1 3/16 in. What are the length and stress when a load of 30 lb is applied? 2.
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