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3-methylcyclohexene is an alkene which undergoes electrophilic addition reaction ) Write the chemical equation for reaction of 3-methylbutene with i) hydrogen in presence of catalyst iv) hydrogen bromide ii) bromination in inert solvent iii) chlorination in water v) acidified water [5M] [IM] [10M] ) Explain how the product is determined in (a) Write the mechanism involved in the above reaction (iv) and (v). 1) Write the mechanism for the preparation of 2-methyl-2-butene through the reaction of dehydration of 2-methyl-2-butanol and define the rule involved in determining its major product. There are two test (Ozonolysis and reaction with hot acidified KMnO4) used to Deduce the structural formula of an alkene which produ determine the position of double bond. ces and O- as a product from ozonolysis and write the chemical equation for the reaction of the alkene with hot acidified KMnoa Compound W react with reagent X to give unsaturated compounds Y and Z. [2M] reagent X Compound W (i) Draw the structures of Y and Z. Label the major product. (i Explain how the major product is determined. (iii) State the reagent X. (iv) What is the function of X? Explain your answer. (6M]
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