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1. Suggest the structure of A, B and C i) Give reagent D, E and F 6 marks MgBr H2O i. CH2O ii. H30. 2-bromo-2-methylbutane COOH H3C-C-CH,CH, 2. 2-bromo-2-methylpropane can undergo nucleophilic substitution reaction with ethanol via S1 6 marks] mechanism. Give the rate equation and the mechanism for this reaction 3. 2-bromobutane reacts with KCN to give 2-cyanobutane a) Name the type of reaction b) State the nucleophile for the reaction c) Write a chemical equation for the above reaction d) Show the mechanism for the formation of product 6 marks] . An alkyl halide P has four isomers with molecular formula C4H,Br. One of the isomer Q can rotate plane-polarised light. Another isomer, R is a primary alkyl halide that reacts with ethanolic potassium hydroxide to form an alkenes, S. S reacts with ozone and zinc followed by hydrolysis to yield propanone and methanal. Draw the four possible isomers and identify the compounds Q, 8 marks] R and S.Drawthe pair of enantiomers
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