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for the following programs by hand with pencils Write your name, Id and section. . Bring it during the class for submission on 27tJan 2018 . To calculate the area of a circle and display the area. 2. Ask a student to enter the total marks out of 100 in arn obtained. Use the following criteria to show grades. exam. Tell him or her what grade he/she has If score is>-90 then grade is A. If score is-80 and <90 the grade is B If score is-70 and <80 the grade is C. If score is>-60 and<70 the grade is D If score is <60 then the grade is F s. Read a number from a user. Display to the user if the number entered is odd or even. 4. Accept all numbers from user until he/she enters0 Display the count of these numbers along with the average s. Input a number n from user and display first n terms of the Fibonacci series. (Hint:- A term is calculated by summing the previous two terms. E.g.
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