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Question: help please thank you all three photos are for one...

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Help please thank you. All three photos are for one assignment.
Assignment 1 (Module 1) Use the S/ft value estimated for an equipment (like in example 1, PART VI) to compare several alternative MH equipment and in select the most economical alternative), Suppose in the above example (Figure 1) the warehouse receives items P1 and P2 On a daily basis but ship them once a week. Information on these items are given in Table 1. The company is considering to purchase either a tractor that pulls 4 trucks or a forklift truck. Pertinent information for this two equipment are given in Table 2. Note that in Table 2, the loading and unloading cost column, not only included the cost for loading and unloading for one trip, but also includes the cost for making the return trip to pick up the next load. Determine the most economical alternative.
Units shipped WH Recelving th) Shipping () Per day per week 12s6se 525 125 165 825 P2 225 375 Equipment Maximum capacity Loading/unloading Cest/foot (Velume in (S Cost/trip) 0.010 1.20/trip 0.05/trip Tractor truck 4*(60x27 72) Forklift Truck 48x48x48 0.007 Note that distances shown are for one way travel, which later we multiply by 2 to take into account the return trips Figure1 25 (daily trip) Offices Receiving! 225,… Product P1 (weekly trip) 125 Maintenance Processing &
Cartons 4Overal lication. a storage with 250 loads coming per day. If we want to store one weck (6 days) of the incoming loads of material in the storage. Assume that, Pallet size 4848 x39- and Stacks are 4 high. For now assume aisles are all 15 wide. (Many answers possible) 1). How much storage space(t) is required (show your calculations) % reduction in space requirement if stacks are 5 high
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