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Assignment2 DueDate: 01/27/19 11:59pm. Instructions for Assignment 2: Question 1: Fahrenheit/Celsius Conversion (60 points The second assignment is to demonstrate an initial use of variables. You can write two programs that convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and from Cesius to Fahrenheit. Your version must handle frations of a degree by using the double type. The equation for converting F to C is: (F-32) 5/9 The equation for converting C to F is: C 9/5+32 Note that in order to do floating point division, one of the operators must be 5.0 or 9.0 (not 9) Make sure you use parentheses to do the correct computation. You can test your code on the following conversions: 10C-50F, 20C-68F, 40C-40F for first program 99.5F-37.5C, and 98.6F-37C. and for second program The java projects are named yournameF2C and second one yournameC2F Create a class with the same name for first project and second project respectively. The program outputs a pleasant greeting that introduces the program (eg,iwil convert temperatures for you]. . The program outputs a meaningful message about the conversion along with the result. . The program computes the correct result The program handles double precision floating point values like 98.6 or 37.2 .All code is correctly indented. (To fix.indents automatically, type Ctri-Shift-F. This also limits line lengths to 80 characters.) Question 2 Smallest of Three with User Input (40 points) For this assignment, you have to implement simple user input and think about how best to solve a problem, There are many ways to do this assignment. Some are better than others. Make sure you test your solution with a variety of inputs including all of the examples mentioned in the assignment. If you who had a similar assignment in CSIS 2101, please think about this fresh, and do not look at your previous work. Write a program that reads in three integers and determines and prints the smallest number numerically in the group. The values are NOT necessarily entered in numeric order. The program must prompt the user (using cout) and read the three values from the console (using Scanner). It should then print the message The smallest value among ca>, <b>, and <c> is <x(where ca>, <b>, <c, and cx> are replaced by the actual values.).

Use only techniques covered in Chapters 1, 2, and 3. You may use the comparison operators , and <, and also the and (&& and or (II] logical operators. You may also use else and nesting. The most direct solution to this assignment uses exactly 3 ift statements, and no nesting Once you think your program works, test it using combinations in which the lowest value appears in different places, and also cases where some of the values are the same (e.g. 44 1or 244 or 64 4) Name your project as your Nova login, or the first 4 characters of your last name, followed by an underbar and the assignment number. Good practice is to name the class that holds main() with the same name as the project. Follow good programming practices such as consistent indenting and meaningful names for the variables. Include the name of the assignment and your name at the top of the .java file. for this assignment, Put the two java(from Question 1 and Question 2) files in a zip folder. Name the zip file yourlastnameAsst01.zip. Then upload your zip file under the assignments label in Canvas .You can zip both projects together and submit as one zip or you can zip both projects separate and submit separate.

help please we use Eclipse

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