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  3. help please work through this question and show the method...

Question: help please work through this question and show the method...

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Please work through this question and show the method step by step of your approach and I will give you a like and good comment. Down below are the question I’m stuck on and the worked solutions. The problem is I don’t understand the worked solution because there a lot of steps skipped by my lecturers. Please show me a more detailed version of a worked example, provide me easier steps would be helpful and some top tips beside your worked solution would be helpful as well.
2. The ailerons of a large airliner are positioned through an angle δα by servo actuators which respond to the pilots lateral stick displacement y, Figure Q2. Derive the closed loop transfer function of this system relating the aileron displacement to the pilots stick motions. a(s) 0.1s+I Figure Q2. Fiare 3 chows the hlock diagram of an electric locomotive motor where ws is the desired angular
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