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21. What is the maximum resolving power seen with a compound microscope? 22. What stains blue with H&E stain? 23. What are Sudan stains used primarily for? 24. What is Wrights stain used primarily for? 25. During the preparation of a routine H&E slide, how is the tissue preserved? 26. Know all the cellular organelles and their functions and structures. 27. What structure is at the base of cilia? 28. What is the term for the general process that cells us to expunge material from the cell? 29. What is the limiting membrane of a cell? 30. Know the cell junctions. 31. What are the steps in preparing a banded karyotype? 32. Be familiar with human chromosomal anomalies like Klineteldters, Tumers, Ci Du Chat, Downs, etc.
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