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Help Sav Ch 02 GL Ex 2-9 6 Prepare journal entries for each transaction and identify the inancial statement impact of each entry The fnancial statements are automatically generated based on the journal entries recorded an. 1 Kacy Spade, owner, invested 100,750 eash is the conpany ia exchange for conson stock as. 4 The company received $15,500 cash as fees for serviees peowided to a customE conpany paid $10,050 eash to settie the payabte for the ottice equipnent parchased on January fees tor services peowided 2,70 as n. 7 The conpany paid 51,225 cash t 125 eash as parsial paysent tor the account reeeivable created on January Theconpany paid $1,000 eash in divi Trial Ralance ecome St Retaimed tamings Buience Sheet FS Impact Ledger General Jourmal Tab- for each detail of all trammactions that afflect a specific account, accouint from the General Ledger, along transaction, prepare the required journal entry on the General Journal tab. List debits Tab - One of the advantages of general ledger softmare is that posting i s done automatically. To see or the balance in an account at a specific point in time, click on the software also automates the preparation of trial balances. A trial balance lists each with its balance, etner a debit or a crede. Total debits should always equal total appear on the income statement, Earnings Tab . Begning retaned earn哔plus (minus) net income (loss) ro te period less Balance Sheet Tab- Each asset and liability account balance, as reperted on the trial balance, appears on the balance elected. Review the and indicate how the of Retained to the other financial the balancr s linked bo thersaction Nas on assets, total liabilizies and Prev l Nex 5 6 8 0
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