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Help Save & Ex 6 Nations Capital Fitness, Inc. operates a chain of fitness centers in the Washington, D.C, area. The firms controller is accumulating data to be used in preparing its annual profit plan for the coming yeor. The cost behavlor pattern of the fims equipment maintenance costs must be determined. The accounting staff has suggested the use of the high-low method to develop an equation, in the form of Y -a+ bX, for maintenance costs. Data regarding the maintenance hours and costs for last year are as follows Part 1 of 4 Hours of Maintenance Maintenanere ServiceCosts 1.5 oints January February March April May June July August September October Novenber 530 470 260 480 350 430 330 440 490 370 370 s 5,045 ,250 2,750 ·320 3,020 4,160 3,080 3,590 3,970 3,280 3,200 3,080 $43,745 eBook Print 4,860 405 Total Average Required: Inc. Express the cost behavior pattern in equation form. (Round coefficient of X to 2 decimal places and other answer to the nearest whole dollar amount.) 1. Using the high-low method of cost estimation, estimato the behavior of the maintepance costs incurred by Nations Capital Fitness 1XI 6,-8 9, d14 İİİ Next > < Prex
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