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In order to detect endogenous morphine one needs a very sensitive methe that GC-MS. allowed the measurement of morphine in urine samples down to a concentration of 27 fmolmL Question 2(1 pt) needs a very sensitive method. It was git a) The chemical formula of morphine is Ci7Hi9NO. What is the molecular m - 10-15 molar mass of morphine? (see table at the end, give only 2 numbers after the dind b) What is the concentration in pg /mL corresponding to 27 fimol/mL (femto Question 3 (2pts) The stability of m group (radioactive isotope 3H) methyl-H-morphine)( 80 Ci/mmol, I mCi/mL). Fr 5 μCi(morphine) in 10 mL 75% ethano used orphine was studied with isotopically- labelled morphine on the N or our andlysis we obained astandard solution yl om that standard solution a stock solution o .2 μCi we I was prepared. For each experiment 0.1-0 a) What is an isotope? b) What volume of the standard solution do we take to prepare 100 ml of the stock solution ? c) What is the volume of the stock solution needed for each experiment? d) Since 1975 the Ci (Curie) is no longer the SI unit, it is the Becquerel: 1 Bq 1 desintegration/s;1 Ci 37 GBq. In each experiment 0.1 uCi were used: this corresponds to how many Bq? e) Bonus (1 pt The specific activity is the radioactivity expressed per mol unit (e.g. 80 a. mmol). How many pg are added in 0.1 obtained in Q2) Ci ? ( molar mass of morphine is b. The half-life of 3H is about 4500 days .What is the percentage of radioactivity remaining after one year (1 year 365 days) ? Question 4 (2 pts) The stability of morphine was also studied with morphine labelled with the stable isotope H A 1 mg/mL standard solution was prepared by weighing 10 mg of morphine and dissolving in 10 mL of methanol a) Knowing that the uncertainty in the mass measurement is +0.1 mg and in the volume 0.025 mL, what is the uncertainty in the concentration of the standard solution ? b) Is the uncertainty mainly coming from the mass or the volume measurement Question 5 (2 pts) From thebaine there are 2 ways to obtain morphine: the codeine pathway and th pathway (see introduction). Morphine has 2 pKa values: 8.2 for the terti the phenol. We assume that the amine pKa is the same for morphine and thebain 10 for a) Write the ladder diagram for thebaine b) Write the ladder diagram for morphine c) Propose an easy way to separate the compounds of the codeine pathway fro compounds of the morphinone pathway

help to solve this thank

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