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Question: help to solve tryit 22 by matlab ...

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Help to solve TryIt 2.2 by MATLAB !

K3 is isolated and can be found if we let s approach -2. Hence, K3--2 Each component part of Eq. (2.23) is an F(s) in Table 2.1; hence, f) is the sum of the Trylt 2.2 inverse Laplace transform of each term, or Use the following MATLAB statements to help you get Eq. (2.26) numf-2 denf poly l-1-2-2) [K,p,k]-residue... (2.26) If the denominator root is of higher multiplicity than 2, successive differentiation would In general, then, given an F(s) whose denominator has real and repeated roots, a isolate each residue in the expansion of the multiple root. (numf, denf)

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