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Question: help with day 13 for food choices the drop down...

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In the following question, youll be asked about three days worth of one meal, either breakfast, lunch, or dinner For the next three days, select the items that are richest in nutrients. Choose three items for each days breakfast. Packaged roll of Pillsbury cinnamon roll:s Regular bagels Regular cream cheese Strawberry Pop-Tarts Maple syrup Orange Whole wheat bread Peanut butter (contains only peanuts) Bacon Orange juice Butter Day 1 Breakfast Day 3 Breakfas Skim milk Frozen waffles Strawberry Pop-Tarts Plain Greek yogurt Nature Valley granola bars Regular bagels Box of regular Cheerios Variety pack of Quaker instant oatmeal Orange juice Fruit Loops cereal Fruit on the bottom regular yogurt Frozen waffles Regular bagels Nature Valley granola bars Pancakes with syrup Scrambled eggs Banana Strawberry Pop-Tarts Regular cream cheese Orange juice Skim milk Grape jelly Day 2 Breakfast Match the nutrient term that corresponds with the description of the nutrient given below. (Note: Each word can only be used once.) Description Contains 4 kcals per gram and is a minor fuel source Some aid in blood clotting after a cut calorically dense, 20-35% of caloric budget Contains 4 kcals per gram is a major fuel source Some are environmental contaminants that can disrupt body functions Nutrient Not considered a nutrient although it provides energy

Help With day 1-3 for food choices.

The drop down boxes choices are fat, vitamin, alcohol, minerals, protein, and carbohydrate. Each choice can only be used once.

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