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Help with Mendelian genetics
We will start with a simple Now we are going to apply what you have learned about chromosomes to genetics. monohybrid cross, Use the information in the following table to help you Simulated Fish Geneties Recessive Allele Character Allele Lego: Clear white White Tail r) Tail color Lego: Clear green Symbol (G) Pheno Fin color tail Red 1 peg Brown Symbol(R) fin Flat red Spots Flat blue Symbol 8) Phenotype Blue spots spots I The Monohybrid Cross The parent generation (P) starts with two fish, a male and a female. Each parent is homozygous for one form of the character. You and your partner choose which character you will use and build chromosomes for each parent. (The parents should have different phenotypes). As there is only one trait, each parent will have a diploid number of 2 (2n-2). Build the parental fish with only the trait you are modeling d. Which cheracter have you chosen to moder 2. What is the phenotype of the female fish? 3. What is the genotype of the female fish? 4. What is the phenotype of the male fish? 5, What is the genotype of the male fish? Draw a Punnett square below to represent (Fi) generation your cross. The offspring inside the square represent the first filial Th 5. What do the symbols on the outside of the Punnett square represent?
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