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Question: help with part c and part d thanks...

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Help with part c and part d thanks!
Dot Product 4017 -64.5 Lesning Goal: To use the dot product to fnd the compcnents of forces actig in arbtrary directions A thraa-leggad structura ashaan baldie lt is attachad to thผิ ground at points B : (2.91 a, n and2.91 0)anrnacied tn tha caling at pint A (-4.33, 4.11 1.10). The thrcc lags cannt at peint D (0, 327, 2.50), wherc two forccs, F and P ct. Госс F : ghen by F-5.10 i-13.5 j-21.2 k N 1ms magnitude 45.0 N and Corroct Part Cmng the torc akingamember Expe88 yo 8r8WH R th.ee, sig.r:unt figurws8nd .clude lhel.ppog iste İl. View Avuiluble Hin) Fb,-1 Value Units Part D - Findina the component of a force peroencicular to a direction Figure 1 of 1 raspact to C uaF. Exprass your answer in camponant tom. Lxpress your answers, separated by commas, to three signlticant tigures View Avallable Hints) FIDA Submt Next

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