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Question: help with setting up these tables because no matter what...

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Help with setting up these tables because no matter what I can only get half of them right
Required information [The following information applies to the questions displayed below On September 1, Pat Hopkins established Ona Cloud Corporation (OCC) as a provider of cloud computing services. Pat contributed $13,000 for 1,300 shares of OCC. On September 8, OCC borrowed $26,500 from a bank, promising to repay the bank in two years. On September 10, OCC wrote a check for $29.500 to acquire computer equipment. On September C received $1,800 of supplies purchased on account and, on September 16, paid $2,200 for September Through September 22, OCC provided its customers $8.550 of services, of which OCC collected $7650 in cash. On September 28, OCC paid $365 for Internet and phone service this month. On September 29, OCC paid or the month. Finally, on September 30, OC harges for the month will be $640. This amount will be paid on October 14 through a preauthorized online payment C submitted its electricity meter reading online and determined that the total
with a minus sign. Assets Liabilities September 01 Cash September 08 Cash September 10 Equipment 13,000 26,500 29.500 Common Stock 13. Payable (long-term) Supplies Expense (29.5 September 15 Supplies September 16 Cash September 22 Cash 1800 Accounts Payable (2,200) Accounts Receivable (1,800 (2.200 7.650 September 28 September 29 September 30 Cash Cash (365) Accounts Receivable (3,800) Prey 6 78 8 Next)
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