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Lets design a physics experiment to make a grape hover in midar. We can insert a point charge of q=15 into the grape, and then paint a uniform charge onto the floor. Suppose our grape has a mass of m仁5 g, what surface charge density must we paint onto the floor? PAPER SOLUTION Solve the problem on paper first, including all four IDEA steps. You will become a better physicist that way! Have you finished your paper solution already? yes no INTERPRET Identify all of the true statements. A. There can be no electric field inside the floor, below the paint. B. The floor must be negative C. Electricity is the only force acting on the grape D. None of the above DEVELOP Derive an algebraic expression for the surface charge density. In your answer, type EO to represent co ▼ EVALUATE Calculate a numerical value for the surface charge density lơ 57.82 nC/m2 ASSESS ldentify all of the true statements. A. The grape could move up or down at constant speed. B. The grape could move in any direction at constant speed. C. T he grape will fall to the floor when the electrical power runs out. D. The grape can hover at any height. E. The grape could move horizontally at constant speed. F. None of the above.

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