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Help with these please!
Draw a schematie representation of the cell membrane and label its main elements RESTING POTENTIAL Neurons can be at rest, excited or inhibited. How would you explain this concept to a 7-year old? ·The membrane of a neuron maintains an electrical gradient. Explain what this means. When the neuron is not firing, it maintains a resting potential. Explain what this means. How do scientists measure the resting potential? What voltage is a typical resting potential? The membrane is selectively permeable. Explain what this Explain the concept and significance of the electrical the concept and significance of the What is the sodium-potassium pump? Why is it so Why do neurons have a resting potential? ACTION POTENTIAL When does the action potential take place? What is the result of the action potential? Understand the concept of depolarization and Explain the concept of threshold of excitation. What are voltage-gated channels? Why are they important? Explain the all-or-none law of the action What happens during the refractory period? There are two types of refractory period. What are they and how are they different? What are the physiological mechanisms for each refractory What analogy does the book use to explain the difference between the two refractory periods? PROPAGATION OF THE ACTION POTENTIAL Where does the action potential start? How does the action potential propagate? That is, how does it move down the axon? In what direction does the action potential propagate? What prevents it from going in the opposite direction? How does the action potential propagate in neurons that have a myelin sheath? Explain the concept of saltatory conduction? BEFORE THE ACTION POTENTIAL Explain the concept of temporal summation. Explain the concept of spatial summation. What is the relevance of temporal and spatial summation to neuronal functioning? Explain the concept of inhibitory postsynaptic potential. Explain the concept of excitatory postsynaptic potential. Explain the relationship between EPSP, IPSO and action Explain the concept of spontaneous firing.
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