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Help with those 4 questions please
Molecular Weight of a Volatile Liquid DATA AND REPORT SHEET Unknown liquid number Mass of flask, foil and rubber band Temperature of water (oC) Barometric pressure (mm Hg) 2 la- Mass of flask, foil, rubber band, and condensed vapor Mass of the condensed liquid 4a4t kelvins _ 2gk - atmospheres prosure(mmHe) 19-2 a Volume of flask Molecular weight of the unknown (g/mol) Show calculations here:
Modern Experimental Chemistry Questions: 1. Would the experimental MW be greater than or less than the true value if: a. Your sample was not fully vaporized? b. The actual barometric pressure was substantially lower than the reading you used? Your final weighing did not include the weight of the rubber band, because it broke? c. What would be the calculated MW of an unknown volatile liquid if the following values were obtained? Show calculations and circle answer. 2. Water bath- 98.7 °C; barometric pressure 73.34 cm flask volume- 152.7 mL; mass of condensed sample- 213 mg 3. Could this procedure be used to determine the MW of the following? Yes or no. n chloride Acetone Sulfur Isopropanol The experimental error in this procedure is typically fairly large. Which of the measured parameters would you suspect is the major culprit? 4. Flask volume, water temperature, barometric pressure, sample mass? Why? 56 Exp 9 Molecular Weight of a Volatile Liquid
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