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Question: helping by use matlab coding 13 and 14...

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helping by use matlab coding
13 and 14
13.) For the triangle shown, o 48 mm, b 34 mm, and r 83° Define o, b, and ras variables, and then: Calculate c by substituting the variables in the Law of Cosines Calculate the radius r of the circle circumscribing the triangle using the formula: a. b. abc a+b+c Where, s 14.) The parametric equations of a line in space are: The distance d from a point A (x, y~ ZA) to the line can be calculated by: d-dosin acos Determine the distance of the point A (2,-3, 1) from the line y -2+0.5t First define the variables xo, yo, Zo, a, b and c, then use the variables (and the coordinates of point A) to calculate the variables dao, and finally calculate d
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