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A sımple light-framed wood building is subjected to the load conditions as specified. Using FBDs and tions of equilibrium, trace the loads through the building for the following elements 1. Determine the equivalent (horizontally pro- jected) load on the rafters. 2. Determine the load per foot on the bearing wall. 3. Determine the load on the ridge beam. 4. Determine the column loads. 5. Determine the minimum width of the continuous 12. foundation. Determine the size of the interior footings. 6. Load Conditions: Soil-Bearing Pressure-2,000 psf Flooring Subfloor =2psf LL (occupancy) Snow Walls - 4 psf 40 psf -25 psf - 7 psf Along Rafter Length: #5psf Roofing Sheathing Rafters Ceiling Ridge beam spans 16 from column support to support column 28
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