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here have two topic:

1. The potential impact of Computer Games on the Meat Industry

2. The potential impact of Internet Of Things on the Medical Tourism Industry

explore both the technology and the industry, to understand the potential impacts.

Write a description of the technology and the industry

(Helpful Hints:

Consider the impact of the technology on the people in the industry; will it make their lives easier or harder?

• Can you draw parallels to other industries where your technology may have had impact?

• Are there other technologies you’re aware of that might, together with your chosen technology, have a stronger combined impact?

• Creative thinking requires a dedicated block of time and the freedom to play around with ideas.)

the factors or constraints should be ethical in nature. You may choose to identify one factor or constraint for each of Lessig’s categories, or have multiple in one category. For example, it is ok to have three Market constraints and one Norm constraint.

*The potential impact of Computer Games on the Meat Industry identify at least four factors or constraints that make this impact possible, or which might prevent it occurring. Frame these within Lawrence Lessig’s regulations – Market, Law, Architecture (Physical/Natural) and Norm(Social/Ethical).

Identify process within your industry or field that would change as a result of your chosen impact. Some hints to identify processes:

• Consider processes in acquisition, manufacture, supply, support, staffing, and communication

• Write a brief use case – like a case study but focussing on interactions and processes

• Try searching! For example, “business processes in ticket sales” (but use your chosen business). Don’t just copy an existing diagram though.

For this process, determine:

• Events;

• Activities or Tasks;

• Decision points;

• Actors (people and/or objects);

• Outcomes

Write a description of this process (about 250 words), referring to the above events, tasks, decisions, actors and outcomes. It is acceptable and expected that you make a number of assumptions about the process, but these should be explicitly included in your description. What are you basing your understanding on?

Identify specific components of this process that would change due to your technological idea. Describe how these components would be affected by the change (250-400 words). It should be clear which events, tasks, decision points, actors, and outcomes are affected, and in which ways. This may include components being removed, replaced, augmented or added. Include justification for why these components are affected by your specific technology.

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