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Question: here is a problem about cnn i want get solutions...

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Here is a problem about CNN. I want get solutions as detailed as possible, thank you!!!!!

Question 5 (4+4+7-15 marks) Answer the following questions on the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) 1. What are the benefits of using rectified linear units vs. the typical sigmoid activa- tion function? [4 marks] 2. Suppose we have a 4x 4 matrix shown below, which represents a feature map from one layer from CNN. Define a 2 x 2 filter that we will run over the feature map. Let the stride be 2 (meaning the (dx, dy) for stepping over the feature map will beFigure 3: A 4x 4 matrix. (2, 2) and wont overlap regions. What are the outputs by applying max pooling and average pooling respectively? 4 marks] 3. Consider the following issue in problem solving: A R&D team in a company is faced with solving a pattern classification problem, and has decided to use an artificial neural network model. However, the researchers cannot decide between using a multilayer perceptron (MLP) and a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). In your capacity as a consultant to this team, discuss the pros and cons of both types of the models, in the context of various factors that the team must consider before a fi nal decision about network type can be made. Illustrate your answer with examples. 7 marks

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