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Question: here is the current code that needs to be completed...

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Here is the current code that needs to be completed based off the current topic below.

#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;

string ltrim(const string &);

string rtrim(const string &);


* Complete the 'maxSubsetSum' function below.


* The function is expected to return a LONG_INTEGER_ARRAY.

* The function accepts INTEGER_ARRAY k as parameter.


vector<long> maxSubsetSum(vector<int> k) {

}In this challenge, you will start with an integer X. You will create a sequence of integers from 1 to X, inclusive. For each of the integers in your sequence, determine whether its Least Common Multiple (LCMJ with Xis equal to X. As you test, accumulate the sum of the elements that pass the test. For example, you are given the number X-12. The analysis is a5 follows: x -12 se LCM Sun 12 12 16 10 60 Your function will receive an array of integers. For each of the integers, perform the operations described ฮbove, creating an array long integers with your results as you go Function Description Complele the Tunction naxSuhset Surr in the edilor belw.The furiction must relurn an atay flong integers denoting he sums you have calculaled in the rergiven maxSubsetSum has the following parametens: arrlammo.On- an array ot integens 1sns 10 7 s am s 709

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