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Question: hey i need help as soon as posible i am...

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Hey I need help as soon as posible.

I am strugling to summarize this on my own words, would you please help me.

starting here....
Functionalism (macro-level theory):
Comes from the origins of sociology; Comte, Spencer, Durkheim.
Underlying Assumptions of the Theory: society is a whole unit, made up of interrelated parts; each part has functions to fulfill, when all parts are fulfilling their functions, society is in a state of equilibrium or in other words in a normal state. So, the social institution of education must fulfill the function of teaching knowledge. It must fulfill this function because most of the other institutions, labor force, political institution, criminal justice system, etc. depend on people who have been educated. The functions that each part of society fulfills can either be manifest or latent.
Manifest functions are the intended, purposeful, or obvious consequences, such as the institution of higher education teaching knowledge. Latent functions are the unintended consequences that typically help a system, such as the institution of higher education being a place to find a spouse. Latent dysfunctions are the unintended consequences that typically harm the system, such as violence in families.
Functionalists look at the relationship between the parts of society; how these parts are functional (have beneficial consequences) or dysfunctional (have negative consequences.)
Functionalists maintain that society is always trying to maintain its equilibrium; in other
words, all parts of society constantly try to fulfill their functions so society is in a normal
state. Functionalists see rapid change as not good for society because it throws it out of

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