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Question: hey needed some help answering this question please show all...

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Hey needed some help answering this question. Please show all work (step by step) with appropriate units and formulas. Thank you.
You will be performing a 50 ul PCR reaction on your DNA sample. Use CiVi- C:V2 to calculate the volume of each reagent (except water) needed for one reaction. Vi u/Rxn (unknown), C Conc. of stock solution, C- final Conc.. V2 -Total Volume (50 μ1). The amount of water needed will be the rernaining volume needed to bring the reaction to 50 Ι. the number of reactions you plan to run: your DNA sample(s), a Calculate your master mix for positive control, a negative control, and an extra reaction to account for pipetting e IMPORTANT: Double check your calculations BEFORE you begin pipetting: An easy way to do this is to divide your total Master Mix volume by the number of reactions youre planning. This number should equal the volume of Master Mix per reaction minus the DNA. It is also helpful to draw up a diagram outlining your pipetting scheme before you begin and to check off reagents as you add them to keep track of your progress. Table 1. Pipetting scheme for master mix with COI primer sets. Add each reagent to the master mix in the order indicated by the number in the parentheses. L/Rxn Number of Needed for Total u Conc. of Stock Solution 5X 10 mM 25 mM Pinal Master Mix Conc. tube) master mix PCR buffer (1) 1X dNTP mix (3) MgCh (4) 200 μ M 1.5 mM Reverse Primer (5) lag polymerase (6) DNA 5 U/uL 0.05 U/uL 2 uL Water (2) Total volume of the entire 50 μし reaction (μ Ls)
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