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  3. hi all i need it to be solve in mathlab...

Question: hi all i need it to be solve in mathlab...

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Hi all, I need it to be solve in mathlab .

Problem 1 a) Plot the following mathematical function in the domain -10 st s 7 in increments of 0.004. Assume that the x-axis is time measured in seconds, and the y-axis is distance measured in meters. Print the minimum and maximum values of y for that range of ts, and the t-values that produce the minimum and maximum values. Label the axes with time in seconds (t) and distance in meters (y). a. Hint: Look up the different versions of the function min/max. b) Check the minimum value against the analytic_solution (hint: minimum and maximum values occur when the derivative is zero). If you dont want to do the derivative by hand, try this web-site (http://www.derivative-calculator.net/). This web-site (http://www.numberempire.com/equationsolver.php) can solve the resulting equation for you. a. The equation: Self-check Sell-Check: ie ve Distanee Minimum occurs at y = -3xx5.xxx, maximum at edge of graph

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