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Question: hi attempted the question but my answer is incorrect and...

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Hi, attempted the question, but my answer is incorrect and I don't know why. I have broken down my solution into steps so that you could hopefully more easily help me identify my mistake/s. I need help with understanding the question and what it is I do and don't understand more than just the answer.

Thank you :)


B 350 mm C A four-bar crank mechanism consists of links AB, BC and CD which are pinned at A, B, C and D. If the crank AB is rotating at a constant angular velocity of o -3 rad/s CCW, and BC is horizontal at this instant, determine the magnitude and direction of the acceleration of point C. 300 mm 400 mm A/600 600, D 700 mm



(A) Angular velocity of BC:


(B) Acceleration of B:

2. -- 1,351-9,33 8 3 j 2 met

(C) Using values from step (A) and (B) to obtain expression for the acceleration of C:

(,3S2 - o, s S 2, 33

The angular acceleration of BC is still unknown, so must find another equation.

(D) Velocity of C and then angular velocity of CD:

46G,72942 4314772 レ o2 -2.25 rad. S-」 -

(E) Using angular velocity from step (D) to obtain ANOTHER expression for the acceleration of C:

ニー.seo/ead__sub 4tX ca l tio:25. -1,15371

(F) Equate expressions for the acceleration of C from steps (C) and (E) to find unknowns and finally calculate the value of the acceleration of C.

cl se = 13,500 rads-2 rack.s -3,660. -4,4s2.jm.s-z

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