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Question: hi everyone i have a physics teacher that isnt willing...

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Hi everyone! I have a physics teacher that isnt willing to help me understand any of this. He hasnt posted what chapters in the textbook and the handout lm assuming he is referring to is a complete joke! lve printed off everything he posted and Im lost. There isnt anything there that shows how to do this homework assignment. lve reached out on here cause I was desperate and he claims all my answers are wrong yet multiple people answered back with the same answers. lll post the homework assignment and my photo he reviewed with his comments. Can someone please help??

Review Deadline is 1 pm EST Friday Jan 18 2019 Due date deadline for Grading is 1 pm EST Wed Jan 23 20 Turn In Homework 1 19 PUT all your work and answers on a separate this pagel Sheets of paper. Do not write answers next to the problems on paper For problems 1 and 2 Express the prefix in power of 10 notation and in decimal notation. and Decimal Notation. You must have 2 separ Write your final result in both Scientific Notation ke sure your answer is in correct form: ate answers. (starting term) (final term) Example 47 nm-? m n-10 or n ,000,000,001 47 nm 47 (10 9) m (this is NOT Scientific Notation) 47 nm 47 (.000,000,001) m 47nm .000,000,047 m Decimal Notation 1+-9) (10) Note that 47-4.7(10)1 47 nm 4.7 ( 10)1 (1019 m recall (10)1 (10)9 (10) 47 nm 4.7(10)-8 m Scientific Notation calculator and hit enter it will give you the Scientific notation form--if your ty it. On the TI-30x IIS To put in the powers of 10 you must use the 2nd button if you put 47 (10) -9 in your c then hit theX- (EE)bu The TI-30X IlS will switch your work for the first 2 problems below* utton. It will look like this, 47E-9, then hit enter and you get 4.7 10-8. an answer back and forth from Scientific to Decimal form. You still have to show You must show your work for all problems and the answers must be in correct form SI to SI basic unit 1) 0.0327 Mm ? m 2) 742,380.56 μm?m both! For 3 thru 11 do the conversion in either scientific form OR decimal form-not YOU MUST SHOW YOUR WORK to get full credit for a correct answer 4)5.823 Mg-?kg Sito US 5) 105 km?ft 6) 5.00 m3? ft 8) 4608 in2 ? ft 9)30 gal-2ft SI to SI 3) 5,543 mg kg US to US 7) 90 mph- ? US to SI 10) 10.0 ?gal 11) 442 in3-?L solve the formula for the indicated variable, correct form is: indicated variable - other variables for R 14) 局= Gm2m, for G Holy for N 17) =-2 for A 13) B = 2 2TR for l2 I, I 16) B = 15) Fk 18) Fmv2 forv 19) A -4lw+ 2Lh +6wh for w

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