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Question: hi expert could you pls used physiology term to expalin...

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Hi Expert,

Could you pls used physiology term to expalin for below patent with Anemia. I have sent question previously but the answer was too short and not details in physiology (need about 450 words). Could you pls help again. Thanks!!


(The brieft story is: Patient experiencing difficulties breathing. She found it hard to maintain her pace and was breathing faster and deeper. Within minutes she had to stop and bend over to catch her breath, but when she straightened up, she felt dizzy. She walked home the rest of the way. Once there, she climbed two flights of stairs carrying the pram. By the time she entered her apartment, she had a strong feeling of nausea and light-headedness)

Propose a physiological explanation for the respiratory symptoms experienced by below case. In your answer explain how cellular respiration is likely to be affected in this case? (Write approx. 450 words) 


Answers need to talk about physiology mechaism, NOT talking about symptoms or diagnosis or lists definition, could you pls help me again below questions. Thanks so much.

a) Discuss why doctor collected a viral swab to confirm suspected influenza infection. ( approx. 100 words)

b) Explain why patient with flu had a sore throat and cough. (approx. 450 words) .

c) Explain why patient developed fever in response to viral infection. ( approx. 200 words)


Another case suspected traumatic brain injury. Following simultaneous assessment and resuscitation, a CT scan was performed which showed a linear fracture involving the temporal bone, and underlying haematoma.

a) Discuss the importance of the fractured cranium and the underlying haematoma with respect to maintenance of the intracranial pressure and integrity of immune defence barriers in the case. ( approx. 250 words)

b) Considering the significance of the brain injury, propose which body functions may be compromised in this case, if brain swelling is extensive. (write approx. 250 words)



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