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Question: hi i am going over practice exam questions and need...

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Hi I am going over practice exam questions and need help with answering this one. in terms of personal property on possesion, owner and tittle using ILAC. 

Valda owns a 10-acre lifestyle block in the Waikato. The Waikato Pipeline (the pipeline supplying the Auckland region with water from the Waikato River) runs over a strip of the lifestyle block. The pipeline itself is owned by Watercare, to which Valda has leased the strip of land.

Watercare discovers that there are cracks in the part of the pipeline running over the strip of land. Watercare therefore hires Fiona, a contractor, to repair them. Fiona begins her work and, as she is doing it, pushes away some leaves and uncovers a watertight bag containing $100,000. Because the bag is simply leaning against one of the poles holding the pipeline up, Fiona picks up the bag without any difficulty. She takes the bag (including the $100,000) to the police, asking them to return it to her if they do not find its owner. The only ones to make a claim for it are Valda, Watercare, and Fiona.

On the facts, there is one reason why Fiona does not (or could not possibly) have a better claim than Watercare does. What is this reason?

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