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Question: hi i cant seem to download ubuntu or at least...

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Hi! I can't seem to download ubuntu, or at least it's taking far too long. Can someone please drop me a screenshot with the necessary requirements? Please and Thank you.

Here are the parts to include in the screenshot:


a. Interesting fact: I'm a pisces.

b. ubuntu 14.04.03

c. linux bash shell on Windows 10

HW1-1: The goal of this part is to use a Linux/Unix environment and become familiar with its facilities. Toward this end, you must either acquire/access and run an appropriate Linux/Unix distribution that fits your computing environment or connect to a machine in the Klaus 1448 Linux cluster. The following are some the options available: Unix underlying Mac Os X Linux Bash shell on Windows 10 (Anniversary Update): installation guide VMware on Windows 8 or 10: installation guide Virtual Box on Windows 8.1 Red Hat on Linux machines in Klaus room 1448 Dual booting (e.g., Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7) Running native Ubuntu (e.g, 14.04.3 LTS) Once you do this, then perform the following exercises. 1. Create and edit a text file that contains the following: Tell one interesting fact about yourself. Which Linux/Unix distribution are you using (e.g., Ubuntu 14.04.03)? The method you are using to run Linux/Unix (eg, one of the options above). 2. Find a suitable application to capture a screenshot which shows your text file open in an editor, running under Linux/Unix. 3. Submit your screenshot in jpeg format in a file of size no greater than 200K. In order for your solution to be properly received and graded, there are a few requirements. 1. The file must be named HW1-1.jpg 1. The file must be less than 200K bytes. 2 Your solution must be properly uploaded to the Canvas site (under Assignments) before the scheduled due date.

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