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Question: hi i have a case study and i am having...

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I have a case study, and I am having hard time solving the case study's questions below

  1. Identify the customer service provided by the company
  2. Define the challenge the company is facing in this case
  3. Who are the company's customers
  4. List at least 5 KPIs applied in the customer service performance
  5. Find the guarantee/warranty applied by the comapny
  6. Determine the customer satisfaction model level applied in this case
  7. List at least 2 elements of the customer service elements categories
  8. Identify the performance dimension applied

Any help plz??


Manhattan Associates. Life Sciences McKesson Moves Medicine McKesson Corporation Customer Success Story The Challenge As the largest pharmaceutical distributor in the United States, McKesson Corpora- tion must keep its medicine on the move-our health depends on it. The company operates three business units, the largest of which is its pharmaceutical unit that distributes prescription drugs, health and beauty care products and medical supplies throughout the United States from 27 stateside distribution centers. More than 25,000 neighborhood drug stores, retail chains and healthcare facilities count on McKesson to help them operate their businesses with the highest possible quality, safety and efficiency. The company serves some of the countrys largest drug store chains, including Walgreens, Rite Aid and Longs, as well as more than 3,000 pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical-surgical supply developers who count on McKesson to bring their much-needed products to market. The medical industry is expanding at a rapid pace. For McKesson this means an ever- growing number of products to distribute and a constant increase in demand. With a large number of SKUs to distribute and relatively small distribution facilities, McKes- son understands the need to make the most effective use of their space Facts at a glance: Number of warehouses: 29 Size of warehouses: 120,000 180,000 feet Number of employees: Number of SKUs: Manhattan Associates square 35+ per facility 20,000 30,000 Slotting Solution: Optimization Manhattan Associates Slotting Optimi- In addition, like all pharmaceutical suppliers, each order McKesson fulfills is comprised achieve incremental productivity gains for order selectors as well as increase continued position as the pharmac zation solution has helped our associates of many individual units or pieces . H eavy piece picking can mean extensive travel d labor requirements and costs for the company. that have contributed to McKessons euti. cal industrys benchmark for logistics and McKesson also guarantees next-day delivery for its orders, which adds additional pressure for accuracy and efficiency distribution efficiency.The Solution For help in maintaining the ideal configuration of its facilities and ensuring peak ef Kevin Patterson Vice President ficiency and order accuracy, McKesson turned to Manhattan Associates Slotting Op- Distribution Operations Support timization solution. This solution enables the company to determine the best location for each piece of inventory in their warehouse according to McKessons unique busi- ness criteria. With optimal product placement that is based on current and historical demand, McKesson is able to increase workforce performance, shorten order fulfill- ment cycles and maximize customer satisfaction MSKESSON www.manh.com 2006 Manhattan Associates, Inc.McKesson Corporation The Implementation Minimizing travel distance for and increasing the accuracy of McKessons order selectors involved the creation and mainte- sion have experienced productivity gains, while also reduc- nance of logical picking zones within each McKesson facility Like items are grouped together (prescription drugs, over-the- (over-the-counter) order selectors from 19 to 17 after re-slotting counter items and other health and beauty care items) and fast-moving items within each zone are consolidated into sm eight to six by properly allocating SKUs to separate conveyor areas strategically located at the most convenient locations,lines based on their movement. such as at the front of the aisles or adjacent to a dedicated con- veyor. Within each picking zone, product is allocated between carton flow and static shelving according to its movement. This means that average historical velocities and sizes of all SKUs in the area are considered and product is arranged in the best way for it to be both picked and packed Because McKessons product mix and demand naturally fluc tuate throughout the year, the companys slot optimization requires ongoing maintenance to keep the pick zones balanced and ensure optimal productivity. McKesson has a dedicated resource focused on slotting at each distribution center and all facilities participate in monthly slotting meetings to ensure an exchange of best The Benefits Manhattan Associates Slotting Optimization solution has en psses the test. Plans are currently underway to investigate abled McKesson to increase its picking efficiency by as much as ntegrating McKessons labor management system with Slotting 15% at some facilities. One facility measured a 14.8% improve- Optimization software for enhanced optimization results. ment in the same three-month period over the previous year after adopting a re-sl ing headcount. A key site reduced its Rx (prescription) and OTC those areas and another facility reduced OTC headcount from otting program. All facilities using the Increased efficiencies have also meant improved customer ser- vice at many locations. One location has succeeded at reduc ing defects per million opportunities from 750 to 200-meaning customers are benefiting from a dramatic increase in order ac- curacy. Most importantly however is the fact that the companys use of Manhattan Associates advanced Slotting Optimization solution means McKessons clients can provide vital medicines to their customers in record time The Future For McKesson, whether it is an investment in process (a growing number of McKesson employees are Six Sigma certified) or technology, the investments ability to create and measure efficiency is critical. The companys initial success with Manhattan Associates Slotting Optimization solution certainly practices. 2006 Manhattan Associates, Inc. www.manh.com

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