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Question: hi i have an assignment due in a few hours...

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Hi, I have an assignment due in a few hours and Id greatly appreciate it if someone could answer these questions for me so I can focus on the other areas of the assignment. Thank you!

Using the case study


Congratulations on your appointment to the position of Leader, Customer Experience at Plan2go. Your position description which you will find on the Plan2go website outlines the parameters of the position and what you are required to do at Plan2go, but it does not give you much of an idea about the team that you have inherited. In order to facilitate a smooth transition into the company Tobias Ukestock (Leader, People and Culture) has provided you with the following team brief:

Roles and responsibilities:

Your team is the biggest at Plan2go. You have 13 direct reports, 6 account managers and 7 customer contact crew. Emily Burr co-ordinates the customer contact crew and is efficient in this role. Emily runs meetings and looks after the productivity in this crew. The account managers all report directly to you. Your team are the frontline as they deal directly with Plan2go clients at first point of contact and beyond. 

Corporate alignment:

The customer experience team sits at the core of Plan2go. Being a service-based organisation, this team is crucial to the success and longevity of the business.  As outlined in the strategic plan, the team support several of the corporate goals and are governed by the KPI’s therein. There is an opportunity to develop goals and KPI’s at the department level, and this is something that Captain in Charge, Ellen Foster, was keen to happen as soon as possible.

Existing team culture:

The team is lacking in cohesion due to the 2 distinct services offered; customer contact and account management. While both services deal directly with clients, an “us and them” mentality has developed, meaning that the team is not working together and offering the best experience possible for the customers. Communication is a problem, as Plan2go is cloud-based and all of the team are not located in the same office all the time. As Plan2go has grown the workload and expectation in terms of productivity has increased, and some team members are not coping well. This has meant the other team members have become disgruntled, and there is a general feeling of disenchantment in the department.


Challenges in the team:

  1. Communication is a constant challenge. It is not feasible to have the team together face to face very often. Some team members work remotely for some of their time, and not all team members are available for meetings at the same time.

  2. The account crew have worked together since the company started, and Alex Muir, one of the key account managers, is a strong personality. Group consensus is guaranteed from the account crew as they always agree with and support Alex.

  3. It has been noted that productivity has been adversely affected and your number one priority is to develop strategies to improve this.


1. Create a performance plan:

Your performance plan must include the following items:

  1. Goals and objectives - outline the overall goal for your action plan and identify and describe four objectives that will contribute to this goal. One of those objectives must deal with workforce capability for training and development purposes. 

  2. Timeline - include specific times for the implementation of the objectives outlined in the action plan

  3. Performance targets and KPI’s - identify and describe one target and relevant KPI for each objective

  4. Communication with stakeholders - list three stakeholders you would consult about the action plan and why they are relevant. This communication should contain the following but not limited to:

  1. At least three stakeholders must be identified with one being from finance.

  2. Outline of any financial requests required to implement your plan

  3. Timelines and any accountabilities 


  1. Feedback strategies - explain how you will provide feedback to management and your team about the progress of your action plan any unresolved issues and why this is important. You will need to include how you plan to encourage, reward and value your team

  2. Monitoring and review strategies - outline three ways you will monitor and/or review your action plan to make sure it is on track to meet the goal and identify unresolved issues and how you can mitigate those risk.


    2. Create a policy document:





    Based on your team performance plan, draft a policy document, using the Plan2go template (found in the Plan2go Quick links/Plan2go templates), for the team, detailing how you address and/or resolve performance issues. You may need to adjust the template to include the content below.

    Your policy must include information on:

    • Policy purpose

    • Policy authority

    • Policy application

    • Expected update frequency

    • Policy location

    • Document control

    To ensure team members take responsibility for their own work and assist others in their role, your policy must also include the following content:

    • Procedures

    • Rights and responsibilities (Refer to your own responsibilities. For example position descriptions and agreed KPI’s and how these apply to assist others.)

    • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements

    • Supporting policies.


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