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Hi I'm having trouble with another scenario 

You are an educator in the toddlers room. There are 3 children who are learning to use the toilet:

Milly is 18 months old and pats her bottom and runs towards the bathroom area when she needs to use the toilet. She always goes when taken for both "wee and poo". She sits on the potty but needs help with clothing and using toilet paper. 


Sam is 22 months old and has been toilet learning for nearly a month as his mother has requested he be fully "toilet trained" before their family holiday in 3 weeks time


Jeremy is 24 months old and has just started toilet learning. He is the youngest of 3 boys in the family and insists that he wants to stand to urinate at the toilet and does not like anyone watching him when he goes. He still needs help with wiping his bottom after using his bowels, but can manage his own clothing. 


Discuss how you would meet the individual needs of each of these children? Keep in mind the recommendations for "toilet learning" 

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