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To control the irrigation of his fields, a farmer installed a temperature sensor and humidity sensors in remote locations on the field.
He charged a worker to take the measurements indicated by the sensors a number of times defined by the user per day. In this sense, he wants to have an application that facilitates the task of irrigation control.
The application will allow the worker to:
- Specify the number of daily measurements (maximum 15)
- Enter temperature (real) and humidity (actual) data for the different measurements for a sensor.
NB: Each type measure is independent of the other.
Display a menu that allows the following features to be executed:
• View temperature measurements
• Show moisture measurements
• Change the value of a given outlet by its number
• Calculate and display the maximum and minimum humidity and their associated outlet numbers.
• Calculate and display average humidity and temperature.
• Calculate the standard deviation of humidity to detect faults in the irrigation system.
Knowing that the calculation of the standard deviation is done by the following formula:
𝑠 = √Σ[(𝑥-𝑥̅)*(𝑥-𝑥̅)]/(𝑛)
Where 𝑥̅ is the average of the component to be measured
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