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Hi, need a hand with this question i have provided my answer to the question as well as my teachers feedback to my answer please change my answer


1)    How has European colonisation, loss of land and culture and the Stolen Generation contributed to the ill health and ‘intergenerational trauma’ experienced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? 

The expansion of British settlements, including the establishment of colonies in Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania), Adelaide, Moreton Bay (Brisbane) and Port Phillip (Melbourne), led to competition for land and resources, and quickly led to violence. Levels of frontier conflict have been vigorously debated, but recent accounts show that on numerous occasions Indigenous people were hunted and brutally murdered. Indigenous people’s massacres were often carried out as mass shootings or people were driven off the cliffs. Many colonists often sell food poisoned with arsenic and other toxins to Indigenous citizens. It's important to recognise that Indigenous people have been continuously resisting a violation of their right to land and its impact on Indigenous cultures and communities from the beginning of their colonisation. At least 20,000 native people are believed to have been murdered during this Australian period as a consequence of overt colonial aggression. Between 2,000 and 2,500 settle deaths during the same period were caused by border conflict.


My teacher’s response question 2 as it is asking you about 'intergenerational trauma' and how the issues of the past are still affecting Aboriginal families today. Research intergenerational trauma and adjust your response accordingly. You have highlighted some important battles for land between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders against European settlers, however, you need to include how these violations and restrictions have effected Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people and their families even today. Inter-generational traumas that have been passed down from family to family have included things such as alcohol abuse, physical, sexual and mental abuse and incarceration due constant reminders of the past.

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