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Question: hi please i need help with answering this question if...

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Hi, Please i need help with answering this question, if it is the same ship or new ship with reasons. Thanks.

Ship of Thereus

Perhaps you've heard of this old philosophical puzzle. There is a big wooden ship like the kind you see in Pirates of the Caribbean. The captain of the ship takes good care of it. As soon as he sees any damage to a plank of wood, he removes the plank and replaces it with a new one. Over the course of a few years, each and every piece of the ship has been replaced, so not a single bit of original material is left. Now is this the same ship? The question is NOT whether a change occurred, because we all agree that a change has occurred. Rather, we want to know if this is one and the same (albeit improved) ship or if this is an entirely new ship. So "same ship" here means "one and the same ship" and not merely "same as before." Respond with your answer: “same ship,” or “a new ship.”

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