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Question: hi this is c do not give me a long...

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this is C++

do not give me a long answer.

please be clear with your answer also, clean handwriting......

21) 18 pts. What is the output of the following code fragment?

int whee[4] = {3,9,12,15};

for (int j=1;j<4;j++)

cout << “ “ << whee[j];

21.5) 18 pts. What does the following code do?

int i = 10;

while (i)


22) 35 pts.

a. Find the compile errors in the following code fragment and correct them.

b. Find the one line that although it compiles, probably doesn’t do what you want. Correct the error.

c. Find the two lines that will cause an abort.

23) 12 pts Given the following definition:

char bob[25] = “abcdefg”;

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