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Question: hi zookal experts i am applying for a cyber scholarship...

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Hi Zookal experts,

I am applying for a Cyber Scholarship and I need to answer the following competency statements in my application. Could an expert please answer the following competency statements so I can use them as a guide when I go to write mine? I would really appreciate it! Thanks a ton!!

a. Knowledge of the techniques of the cybersecurity discipline, including encryption, access control, physical security, training, threat analysis, and authentication.

b. Knowledge of the human factors in cybersecurity, including human computer interaction, design, training, sabotage, human error prevention and identification, personal use policies, and monitoring.

c. Ability to identify and analyze problems, distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions, and provide solutions to individual and organizational problems.

d. Ability to consider and respond appropriately to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of different people in different situations; is tactful, compassionate and sensitive, and treats others with respect.

e. Ability to make clear and convincing oral presentations to individuals or groups; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; facilitates an open exchange of ideas and fosters an atmosphere of open communication.

f. Ability to express facts and ideas in writing in clear, convincing and organized manners appropriate to the audience and occasion.

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