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Ho ed Frogs Fre o ng mant ns tst oks er as 88弓50courring owev r te con ry recent y bomo ed 50.0 fro a ocel benk, and the b k req res the o m er 7 provede ส UE fnenc al tete er 3 p pared us g ส。 เส bass a o ur ng 85 parto the credt rt e35 ema on n 0 the on peny records e ow $57,000 Salanos $21,700 Supplios 7,0 6n00 arance 2,000 Ahertiing 300 45100 Nw $11.800 Yeu ส. 8tie lo determin the fixing information ; January Decamcor 31 1, 2018 2018 Recervacio $011,00 Propaid 00 200 1.350 Payable 200 2150 Prepare an accual-bas incomo statemont ior Decombor 31, 2018, by caculating accrual-basia rovonuoa and axponso.

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