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Home > My courses > AWR-138-W: Jan. 29-July 28 General > Module l Pretest AWR-13 8-W Network Assurance Question 3 Not ye anzwered Points out of 1.00 What is stateful packet inspection (SPI)? Select one O a. The evaluation of network traffic to see if it is consistent with Flag question the normal behavior of common application layer protocols (HTTP, SMTP, DNS, etc.) ob. The validation of incoming network packets against the known state of the connection. For example, a SYN-ACK packet would be dropped unless a SYN packet had been transmitted to the remote computer/server first. Finish atte c. An integrity checking scheme designed to ensure that the system whose address is listed in the SOURCE field of the packet really is the system that transmitted the packet. O d. The examination of incoming network packets for signs that they are transporting viruses, Trojans, or worms o Which of the following is a reason why an organization might bridge networks in two locations via a VPN? Question 4 Not yer answered Points out of 1 00 P Flag question Select one Oa. Cost savings the ability to connect or bridge two nerworks using the Internet is lower cost than leased lines. b. Reliabiliry-using only one set of network resources increases reliability (single point of failure) 0
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