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Home My courses AWR-138-W: Jan. 29 - July 28 AWR-13 8-W Network Assurance General Module 1 Pretest Question 9 Not yet anawered Potsts out of 1.00 P Flag question Why are firewalls used? What is the objective of a firewall Select one: O . To prevent employees from taking sensitive data off the 12 rganizations network b. To secure data while it is in transit from one system to another c. To prevent the functioning of malicious software like spyware and adware. o Finish att d. To prevent unwanted network traffic from reaching the intended computer or network, and from leaving the subnet. o Queation 10 Not yer answered Points out of 1.00 v Flag question What is the fastest way for an attacker to gain unauthorized access to encrypted information (assuming a strong cipher was chosen)? Select one: o. Theft of the key ob. Crypto-analysis of the cipher. OSide-channel attack of the encryption key O d. Brute-force cracking of the encryption key Return to: General
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