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Question: homework 2 due 12819 and it need to be submitted...

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Homework: 2 Due (1/28/19) and it need to be submitted on Moodle by 11:00 AM In this assignment, you will explore the various sniffer tools. A typical packet sniffer tool captures live packets from networks, decodes them according to protocol specifications, and optionally takes actions according to the parsed packet contents (e.g., in case of security detection systems). Packet sniffing tools are very useful when you diagnose networks or protect against security attacks over networks Part Make sure show step by step how tools work. You investigation will use the following sniffer tools: 1. Four Linux-based packet sniffers. Ethereal, Tepdump, Snort dsnitf, linux_sniffer 2. Four Windows-based packet sniffers Ethereal, Windump, network Monitor, Gobbler, Ethload Part 2: you write report about one paragraph for each questions 1. 2. 3. You need compare and contrast each tools. What are they advantage and disadvantages? How does help you network security assessment tools Note: You also need to prepare a PowerPoint to demo your findings in class
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