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Question: homework 2 due by 9 pm on 142019 via elms...

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Homework 2 Due by 9 pm on 1/4/2019 via elms 1. A solid shaft of dia. 2 carrying a gear and pulley is shown in fig. 1. Corresponding axial dimensions including the thicknesses of the gear and pulley, are shown in fig. 2. Points A and B are in the mid planes of the bearings. Bearing at A is a ba bearing and bearing at B is a roller bearing. Points C and D are in the mid- places of the gear and pulley respectively. Gear at Creceives power from a motor. Power is transmitted from the shaft to the belt on the pulley at D, such that T2-0.2T1 The shaft is also subjected to an axial stretching force of 10 kips as shown in the figure Ikip 10 laps T2 Figure 1, Shaft under loading 310 Draw the relevant FBD Find the reactions provided by bearing A .Calculate the forces internal (Vy.Vz.N) and moments (My, Mz,T) at a section at point B,8 away from A. Figure 2. Dimensional layout of the shaft
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