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Homework 3 problem 2 An average of 22 new orders are started through a certain factory each month. On average, an order consists of 50 parts that are processed sequentially through 11 machines in the factory. The operation time per machine for each part- 15 min. The non-operation time per order at each machine averages 8 hours, and the required setup time per order 4 hours. There are a total of 28 machines in the factory working in parallel. Each of the machines can be set up for any type of job processed in the plant. Only 80% of the machines are operational at any time (the other 20% are in repair or maintenance). The plant operates 160 hours per month. However, the plant manager complains that a total of 410 overtime machine-hours must be authorized each month in order to keep up with the production schedule- why?.
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