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Homework: Ch. 8.3: Real v. Nominal GDP Score: 0 of 5 pts Real-Time Data Exercise 6 HW Score: 37.04%, 1; Real-Time Data Analysis Exercise Cick the following ink to view GDP duta from ERED Thee use hat dala to annwer the folowing quesliom For this exercise you will noed to enter data tom FRED for nominal gross domessic product (GOP) and real gross U.S. Nominal and Real GOP domestic product (GDPC1) Using the dala from FRED, enter the values for the thind quaer of 2018 (shown as 2018-07-01 in Fred) for the the thind quaner ol 2018 (shown s 2018-07-O1 in Fred) o the olowing series I (Enler your responsesly as they appe in FRED) Series ID 3725 GDP GOPC1 Real Sme dala provided by Federal Reserve Ecenomic Dats (FREDL, Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis Enter your answer in the edit felds and then click Check Answer Clear All MacBook Ai 名 F3
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